ScaleOrder warehousing & distribution

Store all of your products at our warehouse, and we'll fulfill and ship out your orders on the same day.

  • No Upfront fees
  • Free Storage for 6 Months
  • For warehousing and distribution

Your Reliable Warehousing and Fulfillment

Choose a professional team and intelligent fulfillment software. Enhance your business with less time and cost.

As a leading tech-powered fulfillment company in China. ScaleOrder utilizes smart software to provide simple and reliable China warehousing and Order fulfillment service for ecommerce and dropshipping businesses.

ScaleOrder are committed to providing a secure warehouse, efficient fulfillment. diverse packing options. flexible shipping solutions and other value-added services to help you enhance your business with less time and money.

Provides strong technical support for warehousing services and easier to integrate the service into other systems.


Warehousing and Distribution


China Warehouse

Warehouse your products in our 20,000m3 storage spaces and process orders automatically


Order Fulfillment

Orders are fulfilled automatically following payments and synced with your business. This includes picking & packing, quality checks and value-adding services.


International Shipping

Take advantage of our 100+ international shipping partners to offer multiple solutions and competitive shipping rates.

Why ScaleOrder Fulfillment is Better ?

Automatic Fulfillment Process

Auto-sync incoming orders from all eCommerce Stores.

Preset auto shipping rules to optimize budget.

With fully automated equipment, more than 500,000 orders will be shipped out in 24H...

No Hidden Fees

There are only three simple types of fees

Storage: Fees are decreasing as your shipments increase.

Pick & Pack: Take items from inventory and place them in a package to shipment.

Shipment: ScaleOrder provides custom order fulfilment solutions that suit your ecommerce business.

Standard International Shipping

Over 8 years of order fulfillment experiences, ScaleOrder can easily respond to various emergencies.

There are sufficient logistics resources to provide more shipping services for you.

Providing tailored China fulfillment solution for you from your dedicated customer manager.

How does ScaleOrder Fulfillment works


Send us your products

Submit your product descriptions and send the inventory our way once we’ve approved it for storage.


Sync products with your store

Sync the products you sent to us using our online store management.


Order import and ship

We automatically get the order from your store, fulfill it, charge you the fulfillment and shipping fee. we pack and ship your products to your customers.